On Becoming a Real Blogger

I’m kind of proud of myself right now. With the help of my new friend Stacey Nerdin, I have successfully purchased my unique URL (beyondnormallimits.com), secured hosting, installed wordpress, and moved my blog (albeit manually) – which means that new updates will now be at the new and slightly improved Beyond Normal Limits. While becoming a real blogger is a goal, the main reason for all of this work is to use this blog for a bigger purpose.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am hopeful that immersing myself in to the blogging world will help me figure out a thing or two. On my list are

  1. Finding a theme that truly fits me
  2. Learning to edit the CSS to eliminate those parts of a theme that aren’t quite right
  3. Deciding how I want to do pictures on the blog yet still protect the innocent
  4. Raising money for the children that will not be adopted
  5. Building a community of blogger friends including single moms and adoptive moms

Your support and advice are greatly appreciate and encouraged. I don’t want to be a beginner forever.

And don’t forget to find me now at BeyondNormalLimits.com



About Beyond Normal Mom

single mom by adoption re-defining family and going beyond normal

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