The Comfort of a Quiet Night

I love our Beyond Normal Limits household very much. I love the activity, the cast of characters, and all of our silliness. I love that we are not normal, but have such a comfortable, easy way of existing together. After college, I used to say that I would not live with roommates again until I was married – ha! But there just are not any “roommate squabbles” around here, no matter what family or which friends come and go.


Recently the G’s (Grandparents aka my parents) have been coming and going a lot for various reasons. Brother One’s new girl (Bright Eyes) is here on a pretty regular basis. There are workmen on my second level. Still. We have had and will have weekend guests…. When S-man went to spend some time with his mother, I thought I would use my free evenings to catch up with friends, but I haven’t nearly as much as I intended, perhaps due to all the other activity.

Tonight I suddenly found myself in a clean, quiet house, watching football while little ones slept. Brother One and Bright Eyes had gone camping to end this gorgeous fall weekend. With candles lit and surrounded only by quiet in my cozy home, I could not bring myself to go to bed just yet. Monday is on the other side of slumber with things to do and likely a full inbox, but now it is 2am…

Do you ever stay up too late simply to enjoy the comfort of quiet?


About Beyond Normal Mom

single mom by adoption re-defining family and going beyond normal

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