Warm & Fuzzy Hibernation

sparkly, pretty, ah!

I feel the hibernation setting in, and this year – I welcome it. Domestication may be at an all time high. Introversion may be as well. But so is joy, contentment, peace… Mornings here are quiet. I am working from home more. I guilt myself less. I cook more. I’m spending more (that is ironic). But, Life is Good.

Winter in the Midwest means cold and gray and precipitation. It means dark mornings and darker evenings. It means drafty windows in a historical home, chanclas, and blankets piled everywhere. It means scarves and hats and mittens and coats and clothing claustrophobia. It means staticy hair, dry skin, and nose bleeds. It means shoveling and spinning tires and icy roads. But it means candles and covers and snuggles. It means reading and chatting and sipping from warm mugs. It means that if I leave the house you really matter to me.

This year I have a friend who is about to deliver, a friend that is half way there, and two friends that just found out they are expecting. My heart celebrates for them more than they know. I really am bad about telling people just how melty my heart gets. This year, while we may have many miles to go, we have much to celebrate. As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving, I am oh so very thankful for of so many blessings.

This contentment makes me want to hibernate to settle it and to just abide with in our joy. Some winters hibernation is about hiding or waiting it out, surviving only. Some winters hibernation can feel like claustraphobia. But this winter, I am snuggling into contentment and wondering at the lovely little world that surrounds me.

So let it snow if it will. I will turn on the Christmas lights in the morning and enjoy the sparkling beauty of the lights on the tree. I have plenty of coffee. I am comfy working in my quiet home. I look forward to spending time with just my family each evening.


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