When Blogs Imitate Art

I can take no creative credit for the newest update to my blog (Trying to figure out how to do what I want to do in the best way possible is a lot harder than I thought it would be!). I have moved to my own URL, so I will be able to raise funds for the children left behind. I have found a theme I can live with (not love). I know I will never teach myself to program my own blog design. Maybe if I raise some funds with this blog I can justify paying one of you amazing artists to design something new and fabulous for me. (Lindsey, I am loving your new design fyi!) This is more of an experiment than a re-branding exercise for now.

When I decided to venture into the world of creating my own niche in cyberspace, I sought the guidance of a blogger that I appreciate on many levels. It was Casey’s suggestion that I consider creating my own “artwork” (i.e. Hyperbole and a Half) when I explained that I appreciate how TongguMomma protects her children’s (Welcome home, Mei Mei!) identities and stories by never showing facial shots or posting other identifying information about their family. (Adoptive moms have to be extra careful for our kids.) After a few months of trying out this blogging thing, I am not at all surprised to find myself saying that Casey was absolutely right.

There is just something so generic about stock photos. I, in no way, fancy myself to be an artist, but perhaps my scratches will create some sort of brand for me or, more importantly, entertain my readers. So I have replaced a few of the stock images with my attempts at illustration. I hope you scroll through the blog and check them out to let me know what you think. I think that all of my art teachers following second grade were clearly too nice to me.

Do YOU like my illustrations? Do YOU prefer my scratches to stock photos? I hope to get at least a few comments on this blog to help me know in which direction I should continue with Beyond Normal Limits.


About Beyond Normal Mom

single mom by adoption re-defining family and going beyond normal

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