It’s Been Decided

I’ve had a lot of blog posts bouncing around in my head recently, but mostly I’ve just been enjoying reading. I think I’m tired of being heavy for a while. I’m not giving up blogging, but I may be giving up this URL and returning to GoDaddy emailed me that something was expiring soon and I just can’t justify renewing. My original plan to make money for a cause hasn’t really grown as I hoped, and I don’t plan to figure out ways to make that happen in the next several months at least.

I am going to start the process of transferring have now transferred my content from, but I am afraid I will lose your comments 😦 If anyone has a fix for that, let me know. I hope those of you that have followed me here will follow me there again. Thanks for your patience with my growing pains.


About Beyond Normal Mom

single mom by adoption re-defining family and going beyond normal

5 responses to “It’s Been Decided”

  1. OptyMyst says :

    I love your blog images. 🙂

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