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Fill In The Blank Friday

I am trying something new today. Lauren at the little things we do has a weekly fill in the blank friday post, which I stumbled on by following another blog. Although I am blogging for another reason, my main goal on twitter (and secondary goal on my blog) is to connect with more moms, single moms, and adoptive moms because this job is tough and there are too many haters in the world. I am hoping this is a fun way to get to know a few and let you get to know me. Let me know what you think.

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. I am looking forward to… Can I just say see #6? Ok, in addition, I am looking forward to getting my house back to normal after all of these renovations and unexpected complications.

2. Something kind of embarrassing that I still love anyway is… cooking with bacon grease – there I said it.

3. My favorite car is… a Maserati, which I will never own. I can appreciate a nice car, but for me personally, my vehicle is primarily about getting from here to there predictably. I utilize public transportation as much as possible. Once, I walked by a Maserati and actually thought “that car is hot” – not something I have thought about any other car.

4. If I could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be… sunny between 70-90 degrees. I like it bright and warm. My heart smiles just thinking about it.

5. My favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is… get a good hug and/or pour a glass of wine. Running is a good option, but not my first line defense when it’s been REALLY bad. On normal stressful days, I just need to cook a good meal and take a walk with someone to get back on track.

6. This weekend… I will have dinner with one of my best friends and mommy mentors. We are working out the when and where, but I cannot wait.

7. If I were a color I’d be… like Lauren, I took online quizzes to determine that the correct answer is green because… I am calm, contemplative, and nurturing according to the quiz, but I think it fits.

Like it, love it, or think it’s lame? If you participate, comment here so I can find your list too. Now I have to figure out how to let Lauren know I am participating.

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