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Laundry, Housework, and Parenting, Oh My!

I promised you guys a lighter post. I certainly don’t want this to only be a place where I rant about things that I cannot say publicaly. I realize this is public, but most of you do not know who I am “in real life”. I would love to tell you about the Valentines date I had with S-man, but I am afraid it wouldn’t translate well. I would think it was humorous, but someone would comment with ‘the nerve of him.’ So I’ll suffice it to say that I am loved and I am happy, but S-man certainly isn’t prepared for a traditional relationship. I guess I’m not all that traditional myself, anyway.

Before I get into any real content, I want to say that things are really great around the BNL house. Junior is sick often, but it is never anything major. We have settled back in after the remodeling. Pinterest has helped me re-discover my inner wanna-be domestication. I have a lot of freedom in my job right now, so it is easy to balance time with S-man when he is not traveling for business (he travels more than he doesn’t these days) with cooking, cleaning, and spending time with the kids.

In my domestication, I have really mastered the laundry problem I see many other moms on twitter complain about. While this works for me, it may not be as easy for those of you that are in an office 40+ hours per week. I work from home three days each week (two if there are big meetings). On the days I am home (weekends too), I do one load of laundry. One load isn’t much to remember to move as I am making more coffee or taking a bathroom break. One load isn’t much to fold while on a teleconference or listening to the report of ome ones day at work or school. One load isn’t much to put away at bedtime. There have been messy days when I have done several loads, but those are generally about stain prevention.

I’ve actually caught myself washing some things more often, simply because I have the time. Mostly I have learned that I have way more clothes than necessary, yet another symptom of first world excess. I continue to downsize my definition of need, and I hope to continue to reduce the amount of stuff we use and store. So, tell me your hints to downsizing mentally and physically!

I’m still working on the clean one thing each day tip I found on Pinterest. It’s definitely an improvement, but I think my chore list and Trey’s chore list need some alterations. What chores do you think are appropriate for a kindergartener? I’m trying to teach housework as simply something we do to take care of our home, just like we brush our teeth every day or exercise every day. I haven’t used chores as punishment, and I don’t want to unless it is a natural or logical consequence liking cleaning up a mess that was made.

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