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Facial Hair Trauma

I was traumatized at the salon. Yesterday, after sudsing my lock, massaging my scalp, and catching up on the past few weeks, my stylist wrapped up my hair and began stirring the hot wax. I had gone a couple of extra weeks between cuts and not been paying a lot of attention to my brows, so I wasn’t surprised that he spent some extra time and care shaping them just so. But when the wax suddenly was placed on my upper lip I froze.

My stylist and I have an understanding. I trust him. He has only ever made me look better. I also consider him a friend, as we occasionally cook for each other and get together outside of the salon. He asks me what I want him to do this time, I tell him to have fun and do whatever he wants, and he tells me about the most recent ad he saw or new idea he wants to try. It’s nearly the same every time. When I told him about finding my first gray hair, he told me not to worry and when I need color, he will just mix it up for me. Without even asking, one of these days he’s going to pull out the dye, and I will know that I am officially too gray. We had never discussed bleaching or waxing beyond my brows, so excess hair was not a concern that I had. Apparently, I am now too hairy and needed that extra work.

I am glad that my stylist feels comfortable enough to see something that needs to be fixed and simply fix it. I really am okay that he didn’t ask, and I’m probably glad he didn’t talk about it. But he didn’t mention it and I was in shock, so I didn’t ask any questions. I don’t know how often I’m going to have to maintain this. I don’t know if I need to go for lip touchups like I go for brow or bang touchups. I don’t know if I need to be bleaching at home. I don’t know how to bleach anything other than towels and socks.

So how do you maintain your facial grooming? (Please feel free to respond anonymously) Do you bleach or wax? Do you have a professional perform bleaching or waxing? Do you maintain at home in between professional work?The thought of stubble frightens the daylights out of me. There is just nothing cute, sexy, or feminine about that! Has anyone else suddenly been bombarded with new grooming techniques by a stylist?

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