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We Won! How a Hallmark Prize is Strengthening Attachment

I know it was luck that I won the Hallmark giveaway at therhouse, but it couldn’t be more perfect for the Beyond Normal family. I am a mom through international adoption and Brother 1 is co-parenting my sweet nephew, which means that we are extremely focused on strengthening attachment, expressing our love, and reminding the kiddos of our consistency.

Everything about this prize pack is child-focused. The lunch notes are perfect for an elementary school student , full of fun, support, and love. School provides necessary structure to our day and allows me to be the supportive parent, rather than the teacher, but it keeps us apart for several hours. Each of the fifty notes also have blank space to fill in your own thoughts and personalize the notes, so you’re kiddo knows you really do believe the pre-printed messages (since kiddos from hard places often doubt positive messages), and the pre-printed messages provide great prompts for groggy parents pondering how best to encourage your kiddo on that day. The pack stores easily in a kitchen cabinet or drawer, making them easy to grab each morning as I pack his lunch. I will likely be buying more of these!

The recordable storybook is perfect for the nephew to take with him when he is with his mom. The sound of the voices and scents of parents are often the most comforting things for young children when a parent must be absent. Angel Boy (AB) will have the blanket made by his Zia which will smell like our house and a story read by his father any time that he misses his daddy.

The three musical cards are adorable and super fun. They also express love and supportive relationships. We also think giraffes are awesome! The Beyond Normal Limits house thanks therhouse for this awesome prize! As an adoptive mom herself, I’m guessing Lindsey loves how we are using it to solidify attachment. We are excited and had to share our joy with all of you.

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