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Let’s Celebrate!

We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family that most consider a bit non-traditional. Canada is really only tied into the family tree through one of my father’s friends who is a Canadian ex-pat. Perhaps that is why our Canada Day celebration left a bit to be desired. Brunch was great, but there wasn’t anything Canadian about our fare or our choice of celebration. It was probably just an excuse to go to brunch… because it’s brunch….

Actually, I have a good reason for recognizing Canada Day other than an excuse to go to brunch. It is not about teaching the kids a lot of trivia and historical facts, although that is probably why my father always made sure we remembered Canada Day as well as many other historical days that no one else ever remembers. It might be because I think we all need to find more reasons to celebrate more often. It is somewhat about molding global thinking and a wider world view. Mostly it is about showing respect for all cultures.

The culture of my family in to which I have thrust my child is not the only culture. He needs to know that I do not value my culture more than the culture of his birth. Simply adding in celebrations from his country of origin can be problematic also. Do you remember that girl you knew when you were younger that was obsessed with Paris? She took French class. She ordered crepes. She tried to wear a beret. The Eiffel tower decorated many of her belongings, and she swore she was moving to Paris as soon as she could. Imagine if that girl adopted a child from France (this is only an illustration). That child could feel like part of her collection or like the most important child in the world. While I want my child to feel special, she needs to learn to value others also. And what happens when that girl adopts a child from Brasil?

So we will find a (better) way to celebrate Canada Day. We will celebrate the Fourth of July, of course. Japan’s Ocean Day is coming up later this month; maybe we will go to the aquarium. We will celebrate Dias de los Muertos, Hanukah, Christmas, and Boxing Day, as well as, Children’s Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and many more. I’ll let my dad handle the Bastille Day celebration.

What less common holidays does your family celebrate? and how?

We can always use another excuse for brunch, right?

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