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Purpose For My Blog: I want to do more

The outlook is bleak. Orphans that are not adopted lack education, life skills, proper nutrition, medical care, resources, etc. Depending on the country, children will age out of an orphanage between 14 and 16 years old. Were you able to provide for yourself at 14? Most of these kids end up involved with drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, and other forms of crime. Some commit suicide, but many end up dead before reaching the age of majority. As I said, the outlook is bleak.

To make matters worse (yes, it can get worse), after the age of three he or she is considered an “older orphan” and less likely to be adopted. The older the child is the less appealing he or she is to those considering adoption. How many people do you think would welcome a seven year old into their family? an 11 year old? a 13 year old? Recently, I read an adoptive mother refer to the child who arrived home at 18 months of age as an older orphan. I was shocked.

I get that people want to experience all the stages of parenting, especially when they feel like they are already  missing out on the pregnancy/birth experience. I get that people think that older orphans are somehow damaged. While the horror stories are larger than life, not all older orphans are anything but grieving and craving the love of a family. I even think that it is wonderful for those kids who are adopted as young as possible for all the extra parenting that they will receive. I don’t hold anything against those who want to adopt infants, just because it was not my path.

But I cannot forget all those other children, the children whose outlook is bleak. As a single mama who does not have unlimited resources, I can only adopt so many. I make regular donations to orphan care organizations. I do what I can, but I want to do more. There are still more kids that need me that need someone. I’m not naive enough to think that we can solve the orphan problem, but I want to do more.

So I have been thinking about monetizing this blog to help fund education for a child (or several???) who has been left behind. I’m new to this blogging world, so I wanted to get YOUR opinion. What are the best, least offensive (read: not selling out) ways to monetize a blog?

What else should I know so I can effectively raise funds to make a difference at least to one or two more kids?

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